Monday, May 5, 2014

Switching Stations Switching Stories by Christy Santo Review

I received an e-copy of Switching Stations Switching Stories from in exchange
for an honest review.

Book Description
Centuries ago peasants thought blood-sucking fiends lurked in the shadows. They were right.

The vampire, Jay went rogue, rejecting the laws of vampire society, and has been experimenting on
children. Driven by guilt, and facing death if he fails, Captain Ian Porter, his creator, must hunt Jay
down before humanity rediscovers that vampires walk among them.

Theresa, one of Jay's victims, is caught halfway between living and vampire.  Rena, another victim of
Jay's, is struggling to stay alive. And Anna Beth is working out just what happened to her friend
and Rena.

How will Jay be stopped? And at what cost?

I read this and could not wait to download and start reading. I love paranormal stories, especially
vampires. In this story they are called Changed. I was intrigued at the beginning of the story. But
the intrigue died a sudden death. There are so many characters that are introduced in rapid
succession, that I could not develop any kind of attachment to any of them. There are some interesting
tidbits throughout the story, that was different from the standard vampire lore, but not enough to sustain
the story.

I would have loved to find out more about The Elders. The story didn't give enough background.
I wanted to know more about Jay. What drove him to do his experiments? What was he hoping
to gain?

Sadly. After finishing  the story, I still don't know and I am left with more questions than answers.

I found the ending anticlimactic. I expected so much more.

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