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Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern by Selah Tay-Song

Book Description

 December 8, 2012
The tale of QaiMaj begins here.

War tears apart Iskalon, a cavernous world of ice, when Dynat, the half-mad King of Chraun, marshals his powerful fire warriors.

His orders: “Make Iskalon burn forever.”

In the aftermath of war, Princess Stasia of Iskalon struggles to keep the remnants of her kingdom intact. Her only hope is a prophetic Dream that may lead to a new home for her people, until she learns of a secret heritage that gives her the power to do the impossible--draw magic from both lava and ice. Using the power of fire, Stasia might change the destiny of both Chraun and Iskalon forever in . . .

Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern
Dreams of QaiMaj Book I

My Review:

I received a copy of  Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern from in exchange for an honest review.

I have so many high praises for this story. I love the fantasy genre. I was engrossed from the opening sentence and never once lost interest in the tale. The life of the "Icers" and the "Flames" were so vivid and detailed that I became entranced in the two worlds. The story was full of complex characters. There were really good ones such as Glace, Lark and
Princess Stasia. Dynat "The Fire King" was the epitome of evil. Medoc was different, he was in the grey area between good and evil. I really hated for the story to end, and I will definitely read the next book.

I would highly recommend this story to any fantasy lover or anyone who is looking for an interesting read.


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