Monday, August 25, 2014

Review- Chaos by CM Fenn

Book Description
Publication Date: May 17, 2014
The Shades in Chaos have one goal: get to Earth Realm and wreak havoc. For a select group of people called Realmwalkers, sleep is the gateway to another Realm known as Chaos.

When 17-year-old Addy is called to Chaos, she yearns to conquer her crippling fears and prove her mettle by fighting alongside her fellow Realmwalkers. While she hopes to impress their handsome leader, Sam, she’s also keenly driven by the urge to protect the ones she loves on Earth.

The Realmwalkers are baffled, however, when they encounter a powerful and seemingly invincible Shade with strange motives and a dark obsession with Addy. As they work to unravel the mystery to defeating this new threat, Addy finds herself at odds with the Walkers. Gut instinct says to put her faith in Mikhail, the black sheep of the group, but she fears losing the respect and friendship of the others.

Addy is willing to die to keep Earth safe, but the Walkers are her new family, and she’s on the verge of falling in love. With Addy coming into her own, death shouldn't be on the horizon. But when the doors of hell are ripped open, there are no guarantees.


I received an e copy of Chaos by CM Fenn from in exchange for an honest review. This is fantasy at it's finest. Vivid details, plot twists, fascinating characters, action and adventure are some of the highlights of this story. The author is a wonderful storyteller who will lead you on an emotional roller coaster. There were some laugh out loud moments and times when I actually cried. You can't help but root for the Realmwalkers. They are some kick butt characters who fight valiantly  to keep the earth safe from the Shades. I loved the emotional growth of Addy and the mystery surrounding Mikhail.

I love how the story ended. I want to read the next book because I enjoyed  the characters and want to read more of their journey. Lately, the series books that I have been reading ended with a sudden and awkward cliffhanger, that left me so frustrated that I will not bother with the next book. Chaos ended on the perfect note.

I would highly recommend this story and cannot wait for the next book!


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