Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Waves (The Island series) by Jen Minkman

I really enjoyed the first book, The Island, and was very excited about the next book. Ms. Minkman did not disappoint me. I don't read too many novellas because I find too much information is crammed in too few pages or there isn't enough pages to completely tell the story. The Waves did not fall into these two traps.

I found the "Fools" and the "Unbelievers" lives extremely fascinating. The author did an amazing job of explaining how each side came to be and why they had their different beliefs and ideas. I love when I finish a story and all of my questions have been answered and all the loose ends tied up.

Pros: great storyline, interesting characters, perfect flow with no lull moments and a superb ending
Cons: I honestly don't have any complaints.


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